MikroElektronika releases the Anynet 3G click

Aug 2, 2018 0 comments

A few weeks ago I wrote an extensive review of the Anynet 2G click from MikroElektronika, where I had highlighted the advantages of using the Eseye SIM cards and the ability to manage a huge fleet of IoT devices from almost anywhere in the world. I also expressed my concern regarding the disappearance of 2G networks, as by the end of 2018 many cell phone providers will cease to offer 2G services.

Well, no more worries. The Anynet 3G click is on the market, and it’s just the same thing but with 3G connectivity.

A quick comparison between the Anynet 2G and Anynet 3G schematic shows that the only difference between the click boards is the GSM modem. The older Anynet 2G is using a Quectel M95 modem, while the newer Anynet 3G click has a Quectel UG95 modem.

Anynet 3G click

Besides this, there are minor changes in the software. Most notably, the Anynet 3G click can work as an Amazon Dash button, using the INT pin of the click board.

As such, the new Anynet 3G click makes a direct replacement/upgrade for existing Anynet 2G boards and will make switching to 3G as simple as clicking the new board into place.

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