New blog section: beginners' corner

I’m working on a new blog in Romanian with projects for beginners in electronics, the basic stuff: programming on PIC microcontrollers, a bit of Arduino programming, some ESP8266 projects, and things like that. On this occasion, I wrote quite a lot of interesting material, and I decided to publish some of it on Electronza.

So, starting today the blog has a new section called “Beginners’ corner” and there you will find all the projects I told you about above.

All the tutorials are written from the perspective of someone who lives in the European Union and does the shopping in the EU area. If you live in other parts of the world you might not find all the components I’m going to write about or it will be a bit difficult to buy them.

This is especially true for Arduino where I will be using a development board produced by the Polish company Transfer Multisort Elektronik or TME and which can only be found at their store.

Also in these projects, I will be using Click™ modules from MikroElektronika, which are also much easier to get from TME, for those living in the EU.

For the rest of the world, you are left with projects developed on PIC microcontrollers using Microsoft Curiosity HPC (version 2). There are some projects that do not require any extension modules.

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